Cashifyd is changing the way the real estate industry works for consumers with the first app that gives YOU cash back at closing time.

No fees, no gimmicks, just cash back at closing from your real estate transactions. 

In traditional real estate, if an agent refers you to another real estate agent, that agent will make money off you wanting to buy/sell - and that's only fair, it's the distribution chain. 

But what if you could make yourself the middleman?

“I just wanted to say Thank You for your assistance in us using Cashifyd with the purchase of our new home. It was very easy, we got to use the Realtor of our choice and received a very nice CashBack Check from you after the closing. "

- David L

"RealtyHive/Cashifyd was a great experience. It was very easy to use. I got cash back for working with my agent! I plan to use the cashback for landscaping for my new home. Thanks Cashifyd!"

The first global consumer self-referral marketplace.

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- Jill G

We present you Cashifyd - the first global consumer self-referral marketplace. Use Cashifyd marketplace to leverage your ability to buy and sell real estate. By referring yourself as a buyer/seller through Cashifyd, you receive cash at closing offers from local real estate professionals looking to provide their professional services.

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